by serenq
Many times in class, teacher questions students: "What else do you think should be included in the experiment?" Many times, the correct answer is: "Controls, positive ones and negative ones." Yes, we need controls in experiment. I have positive controls and negative controls….but they are just controls, never take over the place of experimental ones. How if I never get a good experimental one? Then nothing works out in the end.
Sometimes I think I know what or why. Sometimes I doubt. But, all the time I believe I don’t really need to know….
That’s life, at least my life, which I have to face and have little power (or even little desire) to change, no matter I like or not. So, take care, to all of us.
While writing this, music from the lab sounds so soft, sad and beautiful, just like a sigh, echoing in the deep lonely night.

4 Comments to “Sigh”

  1. 无助还是无奈?

  2. 无聊吧—-文字的遮掩与无聊,大抵如此。

  3. ppmm祝你早日结束三无状态。这次你猜不到我是谁了吧?^_^!

  4. hahaha. Why not? You\’ve said before that you won\’t be honest to KLs anymore, in order to protect their frail heart….But you know what? KLs always have strong heart….much better than your froggies…BTW, your mj is lack of originality this time ah….

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